Arun & Rother Rivers Trust: Coronavirus Update

I am sure you have received many emails about Coronavirus but I feel it’s important to let you know what we are doing to protect people whilst keeping our important work going in these very challenging times.

We will continue to deliver as many of our projects as possible within the constraints imposed by Coronavirus prevention measures. Furthermore, we will continually monitor the situation and update plans so we can move forward rapidly once the threat has passed.

That said, acting on the UK Government’s advice, we’ve implemented a number of measures to safeguard volunteers, project officers, trustees and members of the public who come into contact with us, namely:

1. All activities involving volunteers (project work and monitoring) are on hold.
2. Every ARRT event has been postponed.
3. Trustees & Project Officers will employ digital communication rather than attending meetings in person.

Thank you for your help and understanding. Please do continue to contact us on with any questions or ideas; we’ve not gone away and it would be good to hear from you.