Barnham Rife Community Project

Barnham Co-op, raising money for ARRT and the Barnham Rife Community Project

We’re excited to announce that the Barnham co-op (and other local Co-ops) are raising money for ARRT and the Barnham Rife Community Project.

If you live within 15 miles of Barnham, every time you use your co-op membership card 1% of what you spend on own brand products and services goes to the Co-op Local Community Fund.
Co-op members have already earned over £9 million for over 4,000 local causes. This money, along with money raised from carrier bag sales is used to support local projects like ours.

About our Project

We want to engage with the local community to encourage people to value the woodland and river of Barnham Rife which has been neglected for many years.

We want to gauge local views and promote the space by running events at the site and encouraging people to walk, cycle and learn about conservation. This will encourage schools, business and residents to reduce litter.

We would like to put Barnham Rife at the heart of the community by creating and circulating a questionnaire on what people in the community value most. We would also like to run events aimed at fund-raising to improve Barnham Rife and clean up the river.

It is hoped that this community survey will be the first stage, leading to a bigger project on the Rife and surrounding area.

How you can help us:

Co-op Members:

  • If you’re a member you can choose this project for your own 1% to go to. Sign into your online account at

Non Co-op members:

  • Become a Co‑op member, if you aren’t already
  • Select our cause by signing into your online account at

To download/view further information about the Barnham Rife Community Project please click HERE

A big thank you for all your support.